• 2011 - the beginning of PPM | On-line application development
  • 2012 – development of InkJet | InkSave
  • 2013 - InkJet | InkSave development and testing
  • 2014 - Offset | InkSave development and testing
  • 2015 - first installtion abroad
  • 2016 - 12647:2 2013 enhancement for Offset | InkSave
  • 2017 - Remote Measurement | Desktop plugin kick-off for PPM | On-line

Our team works in prepress for over twenty years. We acquire experiences across Europe. Our company foundation dates back to 2011 when we set our aim to find the optimal tool for managing and controling the printing process quality, not only for smaller companies, but also for companies with extended internal structure and more locations. This initiative gave rise to the development of PPM | Online application. A year later, due to the lingering economic crisis and persistent efforts to reduce production costs, we have developed a unique solution for significantly more economical form proof sheets (plotters) through workflow system Agfa Apogee Prepress. It did not take long to give birth to solutions for web and sheet-fed offset during focusing on ink savings. Elaboration of numerous studies and production tests led to a new product Offset | InkSave. The first installations started in 2015 and in four european countries now. We offer our customers a comprehensive solutions and therefore is our product portfolio enhanced of complementary services aimed at prepress and press processes sustainable quality.

ColorTrust s.r.o. and management team