Improved color stability with effortlessly matching gray balance are certainly production benefits. Faster mekaready, less ink on the paper and shorter drying time are technological advantages. Reduced amount of CMY inks brings definitely down the costs. No need of further hardware or software neither infastructure prerequisites. Offset | InkSave does not affect customers data files.

Improved gray balance stability

Obtaining stable CMY gray balance is the most difficult challenge for press operators during a press run. A very small shift in one separation during the run will visually impact the gray neutrality. Most neutral grays in images are based on CMY separations. Image re-separating with InkSave efficiently replaces CMY grays with black only grays. Gray neutrality is then “locked” with this functionality.

Improved press run stability

By reducing the amount of CMY and increasing the K in color separations, gray balance on press is easier to reach and more stable.

Lower sensitivity to registration

Registration of the non K plates is critical to achieve the best detail from conventional separations. This is because most of the detail is carried in the CMY and very little in the K. When using InkSave, the detail is shifted primarily in the black. Slightly out of register plates will not lead to detail losses. InkSave separations completely eliminate arisable color shift and detail loss.

Reduced drying time

InkSave reduces the amount of CMY, so there is not as much ink to dry. InkSave reduces common total area coverage (TAC). TAC in delivered data files could reach the maximum tone value in all separations. Then the TAC is said to be 400%. Current printing substrates are not able to hold such amount of inks. Using InkSave allows user to reduce efficiently the TAC to a out of danger value like 300% or less. Lower TAC reduces directly drying time. Quicker drying time requires less offset powder and leads to cleaner sheets. It also allows faster cycle time for work and turn or work and thumble jobs.

Faster make ready

Because the InkSave push the details and neutrals primarily to the black separation, the press operator can faster stabilize gray balance in order to solid ink densities. This definitely reduces the time required to reach the desired colorfullness.

Ink savings

Inksaving is obviously an integral part of this product.